Technological Innovation for Automotive Comfort

We are living an incredible time in automobile engineering. Some of these innovations include heated steering wheels, rear-view cameras, anti-flare glasses, and even tires impervious to puncture. What are they, and how can they improve your life on the road?

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A time of fast-paced automobile innovation

We are living at a fascinating and fast-paced time in the history of automobile technology. The first things that come to mind are new innovations in engine technology, fine-tuned steering, or fuel efficiency. However, it’s also a time to enjoy the less glamorous, but essential improvements in automotive comfort and safety.

Things like heated steering wheels, rear-view cameras, anti-flare glasses and windshields, and puncture-proof tires make our lives on the highway not only more comfortable, but give us more control over the little things that can improve safety and make driving a more enjoyable experience.

A perfect example of this type of innovation is the small pleasure that is the heated steering wheels. Either integrated into the car itself or available as a separately-purchasable (and rechargeable) cover, a heated steering wheel allows you to bid farewell to frosty, numb hands that impede proper handling. If you live in a cold climate, these are a must-have.

Visibility like never before

Another seemingly-simple improvement that vastly improves safety and driving quality-of-life are the new rear and side-view cameras that replace the traditional mirrors. One of the biggest benefits to these systems is elimination of the blind spot that weakens the effectiveness of a normal mirror. These are indispensable for safe and easy parking, changing lanes, and a variety of other manoeuvres.

These systems are now included in many models of new cars, but can be installed into an older car as well, something that is not too difficult but may pay big dividends. Another new improvement to visibility is the advent of anti-flare glasses produced by companies like Valeo, which allow the driver to reduce glare from the sun, reflected off the road, or from other sources.

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These glasses can even be connected to the car’s other systems or to a smartphone application, which may very well make you feel as if you were living in some sort of futuristic driver’s utopia.

Tough tires

Can you imagine having tires that are nearly impervious to being punctured or damaged? This seemingly-impossible situation is now a reality, as a variety of companies like Bridgestone and Michelin have recently released innovative new airless tires that are defended against the traditional danger of puncture faced by conventional tires.

The technology for this type of anti-puncture tire has actually existed for over half a century, but it hasn’t been until recently that engineers have been able to refine, secure, and prepare this technology for wider, commercial application. There are many benefits to these tires beyond safety, as the user can forget about micro-managing air pressure or worrying about an unexpected flat tire. The truth is, whether you are a diehard gearhead or standard driving commuter, technology can make your life on the road much easier.

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