Discover the new Mister-Auto Mobile App now!

Mister Auto is proud to introduce the brand new mobile app available on the Apple Store and on Android.

App Mister Auto

You can now order your brake pads, anticipate your car’s next oil change, consult 300,000 products from the Mister-Auto catalogue and much more. All of this is a breeze with the new Mister-Auto mobile app!

What are the benefits of getting the Mister-Auto app?

Here at Mister-Auto, we are constantly seeking to improve the user experience of our customers, and encourage the “DIY” spirit that characterises the values of our company. That’s why we have created this new mobile platform. We want you to have unlimited access to our product and service catalogue anytime, anywhere.

Right from your pocket, you have easy access to more than 300,000 products (from brake pads to motor oils), for all brands and types of cars (Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Mercedes, Fiat…) from the best suppliers on the auto market, such as Valeo, Bosch and TRW.

This app will simply make your life easier! It’s user-friendly, fast, have a 100% safe payment system, and makes your shopping experience stress-free.

Even better! You can enjoy exclusive mobile discounts and promotions everyday – from 20% to 70% all year long.

How to start using the app

 Create your profile:

Once the app is downloaded, you can create your personal account.

Your smartphone will automatically save your details. The Mister-Auto app will then recognise you every time you connect to the app.

3 user-friendly ways to search:

You have 3 different ways to search:

  • your number plate
  • your vehicle
  • a product reference

Mister Auto App

Mister Auto will provide top search suggestions, based on your vehicle model and results of other Mister-Auto customers’ searches.

Mister Auto App

You will have access to all of the products in the catalogue available for your vehicle model.

App Mister Auto

Use the filters to find the products you need

In order to simplify your search, you can filter the products on their availability, brand or price. Each auto component comes with its own detailed information sheet.

You can also see if the product is in stock and when it can be delivered.

You can even share it via email to your friends, or to yourself for a future order.

App Mister Auto

Finalise your order easily with a 100% safe payment

Once you have selected a product, add it to your basket. You can either continue your shopping using the menu bar, or place your order and choose quantity, address, delivery method (from 24h to 72h) and your payment method.

Receive your order and you are safe to hit the road!

Our reviews speak for themselves

Here are some of the first feedbacks we received about our mobile app:

Cheap components !!! I though this app was so easy to use, I found the appropriate wiper blades I needed for my car in less than 5 minutes! This is so cool, highly recommended ; )’

Easy and convenient!! Great app and so is the Mister-Auto website overall! Highly competitive prices and super fast delivery. I definitely recommend it!!!’

Download Mister-Auto mobile app now!

You can download the Mister-Auto mobile app right now on the Apple Store or on Android !

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