Valeo: a pioneer in automotive parts and equipment

The Valeo Group is an auto parts manufacturer and a brand synonymous with quality. More than that, Valeo is also on the forefront of automotive innovation, designing systems that will distinguish the cars of the future. Invention and convenience are the core values of the Valeo Group. Its aftermarket branch, Valeo Service, allows car owners to buy quality auto parts for all makes and models, though research and development is the group’s primary concern.

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Valeo has designed and released a number of systems that will revolutionise and streamline the driving experience in years to come. These devices include the Park4U system, an automatic parking system that allows your car to park itself. Valeo’s Smart Faceplate combines a vehicle’s entertainment, navigation and temperature control systems into a single intuitive package. Valeo’s Dry Double Clutch system is reducing vehicle carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 10% worldwide. At the same time, Valeo’s Active Grille Shutter automatically controls air flow through the engine compartment to maximise wind-based cooling with aerodynamics and vehicle fuel consumption. At all levels of vehicle maintenance and design, Valeo means excellence.

Over 9 decades of exceptional service

Since 1923, Valeo has been providing customers with quality auto parts. Valeo was originally limited to brake and clutch components. However, the company diversified its points of focus throughout the 1960s and 70s, eventually forming into the four united business groups that comprise the modern Valeo family. These groups include R&D divisions dedicated to different aspects of the modern vehicle. The first group is focused on comfort and driving assistance systems, ensuring that the smart car of tomorrow is safe, intelligent and intuitive. The Powertrain Systems Group is an environmentally-minded division dedicated to improved fuel efficiency and reduced harmful emissions. The Thermal Systems Group seeks to skilfully balance a vehicle’s energy production and consumption whilst maximising passenger comfort. Finally, the Visibility Systems Group innovates new and imaginative ways to improve driver visibility and awareness.

Valeo in your car

A fifth division of Valeo, called Valeo Service, takes a more practical approach. Their products provide vehicle owners the ability to buy high-quality replacement auto parts for any vehicle. Valeo produces a truly astounding number of exceptional aftermarket components. As such, the Valeo brand has earned an industry-wide reputation for quality and durability. Valeo’s aftermarket parts often surpass the capabilities of the original components they replace. The next time your car requires maintenance or repair, consider Valeo for all your car part needs.

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