What makes the Golf the best-selling car in Europe?

A myriad of car manufacturers wrestle for control of the modern automotive market. Each claims to produce the most fuel-efficient, safe, and luxurious vehicles. Yet despite the competition, the Volkswagen Golf has risen to the top of the consumer market time and time again.

The Volkswagen Golf is a jack of all trades. The Golf features both power and efficiency, with a sporty, compact size that belies its roomy interior. In a single word, versatility best describes the key to the Golf’s soaring worldwide popularity. The five-door hatchback accommodates the same number of passengers as most mid-size saloons, and also boasts a conveniently-accessible large storage space.

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A sleek, compact design enhances the Golf’s nimble handling and keeps its fuel efficiency high. The Golf is affordably priced, and competes with entry-level vehicles such as the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. The popularity of the Golf also means you’ll have no trouble finding quality used and aftermarket components. If and when your Golf requires maintenance or repairs, do-it-yourself mechanics can save a packet when buying auto parts.

Best in class fuel economy

Volkswagen is a company dedicated to efficiency and green engineering. This focus shines through in each of its products. The standard model Golf boasts an impressive 33 mpg on the motorway and burns unleaded fuel with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Volkswagen engineers took efficiency one step further and released the Golf TDI – a clean diesel model capable of an incredible 42 mpg. Modern diesel engines are renowned for their craftsmanship and durability. Volkswagen’s electric option is the E-Golf, which features some of the longest battery life and single-charge driving distances in the industry.

Safe and reliable

The Golf’s 200-horsepower engine and sleek handling place an impressive amount of power in the hands of its driver, though Volkswagen engineers understand that sometimes accidents happen. That’s why the Golf’s safety features include automatic accident responses. These safety features activate hazard warning and head lights in the event of an emergency. They also assist passenger escape by unlocking doors and opening windows automatically. Naturally, the Golf also boasts some of the best crash-test ratings in its class. For these reasons, Golf drivers are amongst the safest motorists on the road.

Stretch your leg

The Golf offers a full adult-sized back seat with more leg room than you would expect. Despite this, it still maintains a back storage area on par with modern people movers. Need to transport a particularly bulky load? Fold down the back seats to nearly triple the available space and then lift them back when it’s time to hit the town. The Golf can do it all.

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