Car Accessories – Winter Essentials

A good driver is always a prepared one, but at no time of year is this more crucial than during wintertime. Icy roads and plunging temperatures present a series of challenges that can easily become life-threatening, above all when people are mostly unaware of those risks. Luckily, a few simple accessories and checks can greatly reduce your risk and keep you anxiety-free out on the winter highways.

Emergency signaling

Special considerations for wintertime

Of course, it is always important to be aware of what car accessories are necessary to have on hand for your vehicle, but this is never more true than when winter rolls around each year. Cold temperatures and slippery road conditions make this a time when a driver needs to be aware of what risks they may find out on the highway, as well as what easy additions you can make to reduce or eliminate them. A few simple checks and accessories can make a huge difference preventing or dealing with an emergency on the road, so make sure you are not caught unprepared in a potentially dangerous situation.

Small additions, considerable peace of mind

There are several essential car accessories for any driver to possess when heading out on the winter roads. Antifreeze for your windshield wipers and a good ice scraper are obvious additions that cannot be forgotten, incredibly important for maintaining proper visibility. Make sure you have a good set of jumper cables, one with pressed or crimped connections. This is not an accessory that you should skimp on, as there is a big difference in the efficiency of cheap and quality jumper cables, a difference that could have a huge impact when trying to get that cold engine back to life. With slippery roads and low temperatures, your tires must be carefully looked after. If you live somewhere with a lot of snow and ice, make sure you know how to attach and use snow chains for the best traction possible. Additionally, it is crucial to pack details like anti-puncture spray in case of a flat. This spray is often just enough to get you to safety if you are unlucky enough to suffer a puncture. While obviously a good idea at all times, ensure that you have everything you need to change your tires in case the spray is insufficient, such as a high-quality spare and a jack and lug wrench.

Tire change

Be prepared

There is absolutely no harm in seemingly over-preparing for winter driving, as the consequences of finding yourself roadside with a flat tire or ice-encrusted windshield can be bothersome, or often dangerous. It is very important to make sure that your car has been recently serviced, and that your fuel levels are more than adequate. Your battery should be recently-charged and in the best operating condition possible. In the case of an emergency,

make sure your emergency flashers are working properly, and include a “winter kit” in your car’s boot. This winter kit should include things like blankets, extra warm clothing, food, water, a flashlight, first-aid kit, an emergency signalling device, or even a road flare in case you are stopped roadside. These small details become incredibly important when the worst occurs in the wintertime – make sure you are prepared.

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