Why choose an automatic car?

Since its invention, automatic transmission has been an overwhelmingly popular feature of modern vehicles. In this article we will discuss why you should drive an automatic car, and examine the myths surrounding manual transmission’s supposed greater efficiency.

The reasons for choosing a car with an automatic transmission can be aptly summed up in one word: convenience. Automatic transmissions are more common, so you can find a much wider selection of these vehicles on the market. Driving an automatic car requires no additional practice or experience, and thus frees up more of your concentration for the road and its potential hazards.

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Vehicle owners with families will enjoy the simplicity of automatic transmission when teaching their children how to drive, not to mention that automatic vehicles are simply easier to resell when it’s time to purchase a new car. Also, if someone else needs to drive your car for any reason, particularly in an emergency, you don’t run the risk of their inability to operate a manual transmission. Finally, if you regularly commute through congested areas, strongly consider an automatic vehicle, as manual transmissions can be frustrating in stop-and-start situations, and frequent riding of the clutch may require an earlyl cutch kit replacement.

Manual transmission truths and myths

If automatic transmissions are more user-friendly, why do some people still prefer manual transmission? Firstly, manual transmissions are substantially less complex. This means that there are fewer components that can potentially break down, and that the transmission as a whole requires significantly less maintenance, significantly less often. If a manual transmission does break down, manual clutch kits are much easier to replace.

Manual transmissions also give the driver greater control over utilisation of the vehicle’s horsepower, which can result in quicker acceleration than their automatic counterparts. However, many of the more prominent myths surrounding manual transmission are either no longer relevant or wholly untrue; for example, not all manual vehicles have better gas mileage, as some modern automatic transmissions, particularly the six-speed variants, are actually more efficient. Moreover, thanks to the proliferation of automatic transmission, many automatic models are comparably priced to their manual counterparts. Thus the choice between a manual or automatic vehicle these days is largely simply a matter of preference.

Consider a compromise

If you enjoy the greater control a manual transmission provides, but also desire the ease and adaptability of an automatic vehicle, consider an automated manual transmission, also known as a ‘sport shift’. These cars allow you to manually shift gears without the need to physically depress the clutch.

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Additionally, many of these models are equipped with steering-wheel-mounted gear-shifting paddles, freeing up your right hand from the gear shift. Some car owners may see this as the best of both worlds, especially since the cars do not require much additional knowledge for a novice driver to utilise. However, sport shift vehicles do still suffer from generally increased repair costs, just like their automatic cousins, as much of the transmission work is still handled automatically by the vehicle itself.

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